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  • Montargis to Paris
    by Eileen F. 1 year ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Awesome trip with a wonderful crew. The only misleading part was the description of easy to moderate biking. The hills of France made this trip more difficult than expected.

    Boat: Fleur

    Countries: France

  • Bruges to Amsterdam
    by Holly B. 1 year ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Most memorable part? All of it. Loved everything about it. Loved the cities and biking through the beautiful bike trails and seeing the countryside.

    Boat: Magnifique II

    Countries: Belgium, Netherlands

  • Bruges to Amsterdam
    by Alice C. 1 year ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Loved the whole experience - the scenery, everything about the ship (comfort and food), and the people on the tour. The staff was outstanding the entire time. I had such a great time that I'll be doing another bike tour next year! This was my first, and the Magnifique II sets the bar so high that it'll be tough to meet, never mind beat, that! My suggestions are primarily around the bike itself, which could be better. It was really old and rusty in some places, and the gear indicator was so smudged that I couldn't tell which gear I was in. Also, was not convinced that the lowest gear on the bike was actually the lowest, as it felt harder than the 3rd gear on my bike. I had no previous experience with bikes with paddle brakes, so it took some getting used to, especially with starting and stopping, since I couldn't kick up the paddle on my starting foot to push off and mount. I'm very, very glad I brought my own saddle. I know the rental ones bothered at least one Read more… of the more experienced cyclists on the tour. Tripsite was not entirely helpful in this regard, and told me I'd have to bring my own tools to switch out the saddle. However, as I suspected, that was not necessary at all. The tour staff had the necessary tools and then some in order to make bike adjustments. I picked the direction (Bruges to Amsterdam) to avoid strong headwinds, and it mostly worked out. Did experience some, especially on the last day riding into Amsterdam. I trained for it, so it wasn't an issue. It bothered some of the folks, so you'd want to be prepared (or get an ebike). Finally, if you go during the rainy season, be prepared. We rode most of the 36 miles on the first day through rain, which was at times heavy, and had to sit out a thunderstorm for a while on another day. None of the above took away from the great trip I had. Just offering some tips for trip preparation and what to expect. I highly recommend this tour!

    Boat: Magnifique II

    Countries: Belgium, Netherlands

    • Bruges to Amsterdam
      by Carla from Tripsite 1 year ago     Permalink/Reply     Staff

      Hi Alice - Thanks so much for your feedback! I'm so glad you enjoyed your tour so much.
      Regarding the saddle issue - the boat's policy is to ask guests to bring their own tools to install just in case they are not able to do this. In any case, glad it all worked out. Thanks again!

      Countries: Belgium, Netherlands

  • North Holland Tour
    by Stephen T. 1 year ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The North Holland barge and bike is a fantastic experience and a great opportunity for a family to share a unique adventure together. The scenery is spectacular, the villages immaculate, the people friendly, the barge comfortable, the food good, the bikes new and the staff accommodating. To improve the experience, breakfast could be better and the lunch selections more varied. Early risers generally helped themselves to all of the pastries before others cold enjoy them. Seating could be unassigned so that more people could meet and enjoy different parts of the dining room. Otherwise they have this trip wired.

    Boat: De Holland

    Countries: Netherlands

  • The Heart of the Tarn River Valley
    by John Manley 1 year ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    This is a fantastic tour in a very beautiful part of rural France. The hotel is very comfortable, consisting of a series of very old but beautifully restored buildings together with some sympathetically designed modern extensions. These include a covered pool and a large paved outdoor area shaded by the huge magnolias that give the hotel its name. The hotel has its own restaurant offering excellent food at very reasonable prices. The special dinner offered on Saturdays features regional produce and is worth far more than its E29 price tag.
    There are a dozen or more excellent day rides that can be made using the hotel as a base. Your host Claudia will suggest rides to suit your interests and riding capabilities and will provide very clear maps and directions. However - be warned - the surrounding countryside is stunningly beautiful but there are hills! Unless you are a strong rider you may wish to consider the electric bike option that is available.
    This is probably the Read more… best of the half dozen or so bike tours we have done in France and Italy. We will be back!

    Countries: France

  • Photo Friday: Joel Robison
    by Scott M Porter 1 year ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Our passion will really bring us to places that we have never been and to things we have never imagine. Getting the fruit of human dreaming is only achieved by those who dream big dreams.


    Countries: Canada

  • Amsterdam to Maastricht
    by Mikky from Tripsite 1 year ago     Permalink/Reply     Staff

    This was my second tour with Tripsite and my first tour in Holland, and it was wonderful. The Elodie offers an indefinable atmosphere, which made this more than a bike tour, it was an experience I will never forget! The camaraderie amongst passengers was established the moment we stepped foot on the boat. Our tour guide, chef, and captain were amazing, they treated us like kings. I work here at Tripsite and would love to share more details with anyone interested in this tour. :)

    Boat: Elodie

    Countries: Netherlands

  • Amsterdam to Bruges
    by Howard H. 1 year ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The Magnifique II was fine and the food was good. One thing I found odd was the staff joined us at the bar at night. The bar had limited seating and they took up the stools while passengers stood. Not cool. I found the biking boring. There were no interesting stops other than the cities. Amsterdam, Ghent and Bruges were very nice. The Netherlands were rather dull. On other tours we stopped at wineries, Chateaus or interesting landmarks. Here the guides just stopped and said there is coffee or a church you can visit. Not very organized. Their goal seemed to be to keep us out long enough to reach the boat. I would not recommend this tour.

    Boat: Magnifique III

    Countries: Netherlands, Belgium

  • Along the Danube - Passau to Vienna
    by Lois K. 1 year ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The entire trip was greater than expected! The staff bent over backwards to accommodate. The gorgeous Danube!

    Boat: Arkona

    Countries: Austria, Germany

  • Amsterdam to Bruges
    by Kathy B. 1 year ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    This was my first bike and barge trip and it won't be my last. The barge, staff and food were all excellent. The trail system in the Netherlands and Belgium was easy to follow and the countryside was beautiful. I'm ready to book my next trip.

    Boat: Magnifique III

    Countries: Netherlands, Belgium

  • High Summer in Sweden
    by Elizabeth J. 1 year ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Our trip, "High Summer in Sweden" was perfectly planned and carried out with two terrific guides and a wonderful group of bikers. Scenery, especially in Stockholm, was absolutely awesome...a combination of land and water, castles, museums, and history. Food was gourmet, hotels were pure Sweden, and we loved it all. Would go again in a minute!!

    Countries: Sweden

  • High Summer in Sweden
    by Judee W. 1 year ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The Rotalis Biking experience is one in a million. We were treated as honored guests! Everything was taken care of with smiles and style. It was a terrific experience with the best of everything.

    Countries: Sweden

  • Piedmont
    by Thomas H. 1 year ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Overall the trip thru Italy's Piedmont was very well handled, breathtaking scenery, (lots of hills), friendly people nice hotels very well done. One item I would caution others of is the description of the hills as moderate. Some are but 4-5 kilometers of 11 percent grade is more than moderate the 16 percent grade on some short stretches started me thinking of Hors catégorie type climbs. A description of the grades and distances could help others decide to get ebikes or do more training. I did enjoy the ride it was difficult but doable even if a lot of whining did happen.

    Countries: Italy

  • Best of Northern Zealand
    by Marlene Z. 1 year ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Riding back into Copenhagen from the country, through the suburbs, and then entering the urban center with all the excitement of a big city, yet being so comfortable with the bike I have been riding for a week was very cool.

    Countries: Denmark, Sweden

  • Along the Danube - Four Country Tour
    by Lori C. 1 year ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    I adored the trip from start to finish. The scenery, the towns and cities and of course seeing everything by bike. I met wonderful people who share a love of travel and adventure. The only problem with the trip was the tour leader. He was condescending and rude to several guests. The rest of the staff was phenomenal. I would do this trip again tomorrow.

    Boat: Normandie

  • Best of Holland
    by Daniel S. 1 year ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Atmosphere was great and bike guide was excellent. I already recommended to few friends.

    Boat: Magnifique

    Countries: Netherlands

  • Loire Valley Bike and Boat - 2019
    by Wendy K. 1 year ago         Verified Reviewer

    The crew on this barge and bike trip were outstanding. The weather was unseasonably hot and adjustments were made to the schedule to accommodate everyone's comfort. The route and attractions were well planned and interesting. We had some difficulty with the bikes provided by HAT tours - several (5 in total) punctures and one unfixable issue with a bike. This meant delays whilst the tiress were being repaired - approximately 1 hour per puncture. This meant that we missed out on seeing some of the attractions and had to cut short our time at others. The unfixable problem meant that one volunteer had to return to the boat via taxi and forego the rest of that day's itinerary. I would like to congratulate the crew on this tour as they did their utmost to ensure that these issues kept the disruption to a minimum. The group of travelers were also a very friendly and tolerant group of people who got on well. This also assisted in managing the issues with the bikes.
    My Read more… recommendation to HAT tours is to provide maintenance support for the tour if they are going to continue to use these bikes. I have been on another company's bike and barge tour through Provence in 2014 and they had maintenance support which could be contacted promptly to fix and/or transport bikes/people when required.

    Boat: Anna Maria IV

    Countries: France

  • Loire Valley Bike and Boat - 2019
    by Bruce K. 1 year ago         Verified Reviewer

    Roman, Matilde and guide Ari, couldn't do enough to make welcome and please our entire group, especially during some minor technical difficulties that were not of their making. The quality of the bikes, whether due to model, age or degree of maintenance is something that our entire group of eighteen agreed is an area that could be looked at HAT tours; a lot of pressure fell upon the Anna Maria crew (especially Ari) to rectify faults not of their making. A less flexible and tolerant group of paying passengers might have made for an uncomfortable trip.

    Boat: Anna Maria IV

    Countries: France

  • Along the Danube - Four Country Tour
    by Gail W. 1 year ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Bike Boat 4 countries Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary - most memorable part of the trip was experiencing the Danube River up close; boat was comfortable and so smooth sometimes I had to look out the window to see if we were moving

    Boat: Arkona

  • Venice to Florence - old version
    by Erica W. 1 year ago         Verified Reviewer

    This bike ride was scenic and full of pleasant surprises! The fields we passed were full of fragrant flowers and fruit hanging off of the trees. The towns were small enough to get around by bicycle easily with lots of options for food and activities.

    We had some difficulty reading the paper maps because the English translation was not always words we would use to describe the route. (Also the mileage was in kilometers) My GPS did not work. That was probably due to our inability to make the technology work in another country ! So, we just got used to getting a little lost every day.

    We are adventurous people so none of this would prevent me from doing it again! We rode the self guided route.

    There was one day there was a long stretch of a gravel bumpy bike path. We opted to go another route on our own to avoid it. That was an adventure in itself!
    The last day the hill was steeper than anything we had ever ridden and we did Cape Bretton in Nova Scotia with 17% Read more… grade hills. So we walked up!

    Overall the trip was absolutely wonderful, people were super helpful etc. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

    Countries: Italy

  • Along the Danube - Four Country Tour
    by Wendy T. 1 year ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Most Memorable Part? The beauty & grandeur of the Danube...and the ability to enjoy this while riding a bike!

    Boat: Carissima

  • Bruges to Amsterdam
    by Houry S. 1 year ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    I loved the biking through the country roads and the small towns that we stopped at were awesome!! This trip allowed us to visit and see places that the average tourist doesn't experience. Loved it!! Can't wait for another trip.

    Boat: Zwaantje

    Countries: Belgium, Netherlands

  • Bordeaux - Châteaux, Rivers & Wine
    by Neil M. 1 year ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Most Memorable Part: The accommodations, the staff and of course cycling through all the beautiful country side.

    Boat: Bordeaux

    Countries: France

  • St. Moritz to Innsbruck
    by Melody S. 1 year ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    We decided to have our honeymoon on the St. Morritz to Innsbruck self-guided bike tour. We are so happy we did as the scenery was beautiful and the people we met along the way made it memorable. I recommend staying an extra night in St. Morritz so you can take the gondola up the mountain (free from the hotel when you stay 2 nights) to hike and enjoy the views. The bikes were sturdy and had the gears necessary for the hills. Bring your own helmet for this tour as they are not available to rent.

    Countries: Austria, Switzerland

  • Along the Danube - Passau, Bratislava, and Vienna
    by Earl W. 1 year ago         Verified Reviewer

    Best part of the trip was bicycling through the scenic Wachau wine region. The views of the Danube River and vineyards were magical. Views like you see in PBS commercials for Viking cruises. Bratislava was the most pleasant surprise. A beautiful city with an active cafe culture that is not as big and intimidating as Vienna.

    If you are unsure of your bicycling skills consider the hop-on hop-off tour option for Vienna instead of the bicycle tour. The crowds and heavy traffic make the bicycle tour slightly treacherous.

    The hardest bicycling day ironically was the first day with steep hills up to the Mauthausen concentration camp and the Clam Castle both of which were worth seeing. If you question whether you are in good enough physical condition for this trip rent the electric bikes, they make a huge difference.

    Boat: Theodor Körner

  • Bruges to Amsterdam
    by Doug K. 1 year ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The staff on the barge were always very helpful and friendly.

    Boat: Magnifique III

    Countries: Belgium, Netherlands

  • French Alps Lake
    by Brenda A. 1 year ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Thoroughly enjoyed! Hotel staff were a wealth of knowledge and so friendly!

    Countries: Switzerland, France