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Merzig to Cochem - Saar River near Merzig, Germany. Flickr:Wolfgang Staudt Merzig to Cochem Bike & boat along the Moselle & Saar RiverGermanyQuo VadisPremier Collection, Bike + Boat8Guided€14754.8/5Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov2023164.8 out of 5EasyMerzig to Cochem
Tulip Tour - 7 day - Bikes over the canal bridge in Amsterdam, North Holland, the Netherlands. Photo via Flickr:vgm8383 Tulip Tour - 7 day A bike & boat tour during peak Tulip season!NetherlandsMerlijnPremier Collection, Tulip Tours, Traveler Favorites, Bike + Boat7Guided€16504.9/5Mar, Apr2023254.9 out of 5EasyTulip Tour - 7 day
Tulip Tour - 8 day - Biking in south Holland. ©TO Tulip Tour - 8 day Biking & boating through the Tulips!NetherlandsAllure, Fleur, Iris, Quo Vadis, Sarah, ZwaantjePremier Collection, Tulip Tours, Family Friendly, Bike + Boat8Guided€12345/5Apr, May2023925 out of 5EasyTulip Tour - 8 day
Amsterdam to Bruges - 11 days - Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, North Holland, the Netherlands. CC:Nikolai Karaneschev 52.36002378033361, 4.885572848488518 Amsterdam to Bruges - 11 days Delta Works in Holland, Flanders Fields in Belgium, & so much moreNetherlands, BelgiumFleur, Gandalf, Quo VadisPremier Collection, Bike + Boat11Guided€17444.8/5May, Jun, Aug, Sep2023174.8 out of 5EasyAmsterdam to Bruges - 11 days
Bike & Sail the Tulips - Volendam in North Holland, the Netherlands. Flickr:Juan Enrique Gilardi Bike & Sail the Tulips Bike & Sail Northern HollandNetherlandsLeafde fan Fryslân, Mare fan Fryslân, Wapen fan FryslânTulip Tours, Bike + Boat8Guided€10745/5Apr, May202315 out of 5EasyBike & Sail the Tulips
Amsterdam to Bruges - Canals and boats in Amsterdam, North Holland, the Netherlands. Photo via Flickr:Sergey Galyonkin 52.365485079614636, 4.902579565655142 Amsterdam to Bruges Cycle in Holland & Belgium on this picturesque bike & boat tourNetherlands, BelgiumAnna Antal, Clair de Lune, Feniks, Fiep, Fluvius, Lena Maria, Liza Marleen, Magnifique II, Magnifique III, Magnifique IV, Sailing Home, Wending, ZwaantjeFamily Friendly8Guided, Self Guided€10604.8/5Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep20232374.8 out of 5EasyAmsterdam to Bruges
Mantova to Venice or Venice to Mantova - Biking Mantova to Venice Bike & Boat Tour in Italy. ©TO Mantova to Venice or Venice to Mantova Bike & Barge Italy!ItalyAve Maria, Vita PugnaBike + Boat8Guided, Self Guided€10654.7/5Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct20231774.7 out of 5EasyMantova to Venice or Venice to Mantova
Bruges to Amsterdam - Grote Markt in Bruges, West Flanders, Belgium. ©Hollandfotograaf Bruges to Amsterdam Bike & Boat on one of Europe’s classic bike routes through Belgium & HollandBelgium, NetherlandsAnna Antal, Fiep, Fluvius, Lena Maria, Liza Marleen, Magnifique II, Magnifique III, Magnifique IV, Sailing Home, ZwaantjeDiscounts + Special Offers, Family Friendly, Bike + Boat8Guided, Self Guided€9704.7/5Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct20232624.7 out of 5EasyBruges to Amsterdam
National Parks of Dalmatia - Trogir, where the boat is moored in Croatia. Flickr:Kate National Parks of Dalmatia Bike & boat Croatia through National Parks & the Islands of Central DalmatiaCroatiaRomantica, San SnovaMountain Bike, Bike + Boat8Guided€15054.6/5Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2023324.6 out of 5ModerateNational Parks of Dalmatia
Mainz to Merzig - Along the beautiful Rhine River in Rüdesheim, Germany. Flickr:Andrew Gustar Mainz to Merzig A bike & boat tour featuring Saarburg, Trier, Koblenz, & the romance of the rivers!GermanyMerlijnPremier Collection, Food + Drink, Bike + Boat8Guided€17404.9/5Oct2023124.9 out of 5EasyMainz to Merzig
Along the Danube - Four Country Tour - Old Town in Bratislava, Slovakia. CC:Rob Hurson Along the Danube - Four Country Tour Cycle the Danube Bike Path - along one of Europe’s most famous riversAustria, Germany, Slovakia, HungaryPrimadonna, Prinzessin Katharina, SE-Manon, Swiss Crown, VivienneDanube Bike Tours, Our Favorites8Guided, Self Guided€8994.6/5Apr, May, Jun, Aug, Sep, Oct20233784.6 out of 5EasyAlong the Danube - Four Country Tour
Super Tulip Tour - Plenty of tulips at the Keukenhof, near Lisse, South Holland. Flickr:Hans Splinter 52.269444, 4.548377 Super Tulip Tour The ultimate Dutch tulip bike & boat tour!NetherlandsAnna Antal, Clair de Lune, ZwaanTulip Tours, Bike + Boat8Guided€13604.7/5Apr, May2023144.7 out of 5EasySuper Tulip Tour
Along the Danube - Passau to Vienna - Wachau Valley vineyards along the Danube River, Austria. Flickr:alchen_x Along the Danube - Passau to Vienna Bike Austria & the historic cities on the Danube Cycle Path!Austria, GermanyMerlijn, Prinzessin Katharina, Swiss CrownDanube Bike Tours, Bike + Boat8Guided, Self Guided€7984.6/5Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2023644.6 out of 5EasyAlong the Danube - Passau to Vienna
Metz to Cochem - Marktplatz in Bernkastel-Keus, a famous wine-growing region on the Mosel River in Germany. Flickr:Frans Berkelaar Metz to Cochem Bike & boat through three countries along the Moselle River!France, Luxembourg, GermanyIris, Magnifique III, Princesse Royal, Quo VadisPremier Collection, Bike + Boat8Guided€14754.8/5May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2023654.8 out of 5EasyMetz to Cochem
Provence - Wilderness of Camargue - Wildhorses at the Camargue in southern France. Flickr:Wolfgang Staudt Provence - Wilderness of Camargue A bike & boat tour through Provence, the region of Van GoghFranceCaprice, L’EstelloBike + Boat8Guided, Self Guided€12104.4/5Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2023824.4 out of 5Easy–ModerateProvence - Wilderness of Camargue
Holland Southern Tulip Tour - Tulip fields in South Holland, the Netherlands. ©Hollandfotograaf Holland Southern Tulip Tour Cycle Holland’s most beautiful cities during the Tulip Season!NetherlandsFeniks, Liza Marleen, Sailing Home, WendingTulip Tours, Bike + Boat8Guided€11454.8/5Mar, Apr, May2023304.8 out of 5EasyHolland Southern Tulip Tour
Champagne Tour - Opera House in Paris, France. Flickr:alainlm Champagne Tour A bike & boat tour in France from Paris to Épernay or Épernay to ParisFranceFeniks, ZwaantjeElectric Bike, Food + Drink7–8Guided€13454.5/5May, Jun, Jul2023214.5 out of 5ModerateChampagne Tour
Bruges to Paris - Medieval Gothic City Hall in Oudenaarde, Belgium. ©TO 50.839096201858254, 3.605947725100881 Bruges to Paris Bike & Boat in Belgium & France!Belgium, FranceClair de Lune, Feniks, Fleur, ZwaantjeOur Favorites, Bike + Boat15Guided, Self Guided€22404.8/5May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2023784.8 out of 5Easy–ModerateBruges to Paris
North Holland Tour - Harbor in Hoorn, North Holland, the Netherlands. Flickr:b k North Holland Tour Bike & boat through Northern Holland & the Lake DistrictNetherlandsDe Willemstad, Liza Marleen, Serena, ZwaanBike + Boat8Guided, Self Guided€6984.3/5Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2023284.3 out of 5EasyNorth Holland Tour
Cyclades Islands - Famous windmills above Mykonos on Mykonos Island, Greece. Flickr:Ira Gelb 37.447473, 25.327018 Cyclades Islands Islands, Islands, & more islands! Discover Greece’s Cyclades & Saronic islands by bike & boat!GreeceThalassaBike + Boat8Guided€24953.2/5Apr, May, Jun, Aug, Sep, Oct202363.2 out of 5ModerateCyclades Islands
Ionian Islands - Gaios village on Paxos (Paxi) Island, Ionian Islands, Greece. CC:Anemos2000 Ionian Islands Bike & Boat in Greece featuring the Ionian Islands & Gulf of CorinthGreecePanagiotaBike + Boat8Guided€19954.5/5Apr, May, Jun, Sep, Oct2023154.5 out of 5Moderate–DifficultIonian Islands
Berlin to Malchin Berlin to Malchin Cycle in Eastern Germany & into Poland!Germany, PolandMerlijnBike + Boat8Guided€16954.9/5Jun, Jul2023204.9 out of 5Easy–ModerateBerlin to Malchin
Tulip Tour - 5 day - Tulip heaven in the Netherlands. Flickr:Steven Bittinger Tulip Tour - 5 day Mini barge/bike tour during Tulip Time!NetherlandsFluvius, Magnifique II, Magnifique III, Magnifique IVDiscounts + Special Offers, Tulip Tours5Guided, Self Guided€8244.8/5Mar, Apr2023514.8 out of 5EasyTulip Tour - 5 day
South Greek Aegean Sea - Symi Island in Greece. Flickr:Scouse Smurf 36.58995, 27.853088 South Greek Aegean Sea A bike & boat tour island hopping in the Southeastern Aegean SeaGreece, TurkeyLove BoatBike + Boat8Guided€19953/5Apr, May, Jun, Sep202333 out of 5Moderate–DifficultSouth Greek Aegean Sea
Bolzano-Mantova-Venice - Gondola ride in Venice, Veneto, Italy. Photo via Flickr:Moyan Brenn Bolzano-Mantova-Venice Bike & boat in Italy through the gorgeous countryside & villagesItalyAve Maria, Vita PugnaOur Favorites, Bike + Boat11Guided, Self Guided€22304.8/5Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep2023414.8 out of 5Easy–ModerateBolzano-Mantova-Venice
Brussels to Bruges - La Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium. Flickr:Jiuguang Wang 50.846876735496096, 4.353004225101417 Brussels to Bruges Bike and barge Belgium along the Schelde RiverBelgiumFeniks8Guided, Self Guided€11454.9/5May, Jun, Jul, Aug2023144.9 out of 5EasyBrussels to Bruges
Istria - Old Town in Rovinj, Istria, Croatia. Flickr:Marco Verch Istria Bike & Boat Istria along a stunning Croatian coastCroatiaLindaMountain Bike, Bike + Boat8Guided€11954.3/5Apr, May, Jun, Aug, Sep, Oct202394.3 out of 5Easy–ModerateIstria
South Holland Tour - Orange is Holland's signature color! Amsterdam, North Holland, the Netherlands. Flickr:Moyan Brenn South Holland Tour Bike & boat through Holland’s most popular villages & cities into the heart of the countryNetherlandsDe Amsterdam, Normandie, WendingDiscounts + Special Offers, Our Favorites, Bike + Boat8Guided, Self Guided€6984.7/5Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2023674.7 out of 5EasySouth Holland Tour
Along the Danube - Passau to Vienna aboard the Primadonna - MS Primadonna on the Danube in Dürnstein, part of the Wachau Valley & Krems-Land district of Lower Austria. ©TO Along the Danube - Passau to Vienna aboard the Primadonna Cycle along the Danube River in Austria on the famous Danube Bike PathAustriaPrimadonnaDanube Bike Tours8Self Guided€7245/5Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct202335 out of 5EasyAlong the Danube - Passau to Vienna aboard the Primadonna
Seine River Valley E-Bike & Boat - Famous cliffs in Étretat, Normandy, France. Unsplash:Ilnur Kalimullin Seine River Valley E-Bike & Boat Paris into NormandyFranceVivaDiscounts + Special Offers, Electric Bike8Guided€26401/5May, Jun, Aug, Sep2023Easy
Vietnam - Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. Photo via Flickr:guido da rozze 20.921063, 106.986531 Vietnam Cycle in Vietnam in the far east of Asia from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh CityVietnam, CambodiaFunan Cruise, Vietnamese JunksTraveler Favorites15Guided€29104.9/5Mar, Oct, Nov202374.9 out of 5Easy–ModerateVietnam
Galapagos Bike & Boat - The Altair Galapagos Lodge on Santa Cruz Island. Galapagos Bike & Boat Experience the Galapagos Islands on this multi-adventure tourEcuadorBelugaMulti-Adventure, Our Favorites, Bike + Boat9Guided$44475/5Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec202325 out of 5EasyGalapagos Bike & Boat
Mosel & Saar - Marketplace in Trier, Germany along the Mosel River. Flickr:Dennis Jarvis Mosel & Saar Cycling through the legacy of the Roman EmpireGermanyZwaanBike + Boat8Guided€17004.1/5Aug, Sep, Oct2023184.1 out of 5EasyMosel & Saar
Bremen to Wolfsburg - Neues Rathaus in Hannover, Germany. Creative Commons:Thomas Wolf Bremen to Wolfsburg GermanyMerlijn8Guided€1740 May2023EasyBremen to Wolfsburg
Lycian Coast - Göcek in Turkey. Flickr:Jorge Franganillo 36.760997, 28.926148 Lycian Coast Cycling the Southern Coast of TurkeyTurkeyElara 1Mountain Bike8Guided€1995 May, Sep, Oct2023ModerateLycian Coast
Heart of Holland - Tulip fields in the Springtime in Holland! ©Hollandfotograaf Heart of Holland Biking & boating historic cities in the Netherlands through the green heart of Central & Southern HollandNetherlandsFlora, Gandalf, SarahBike + Boat8Guided, Self Guided€12344.8/5Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct202364.8 out of 5EasyHeart of Holland
Rhine River Valley E-Bike & Boat - Along the Lauch River, Colmar is part of the <i>Alsatian Wine Route</i> in France. Flickr:Kiefer 48.079051, 7.358235 Rhine River Valley E-Bike & Boat Bike the Middle Rhine Valley, Alsace, Breisgau & the Swiss foothills of the AlpsGermany, France, SwitzerlandAquaElectric Bike, New Tours - All Types8Guided€3495 May, Jun, Jul, Aug2023Easy
Fishing Villages of Kerala - Boat rides at Marari Beach in Kerala, India. Flickr:Andy Kaye Fishing Villages of Kerala Bike & boat the backwaters of Kerala, IndiaIndiaHouse Boat in IndiaBike + Boat7Guided$1095 Jan, Feb, Mar, Nov, DecEasyFishing Villages of Kerala
Amsterdam to Maastricht - Biking through Volendam, the Netherlands. ©TO 52.49499771362477, 5.069275120683781 Amsterdam to Maastricht Biking & boating the Dutch RiversNetherlandsFlora, Gandalf, SarahBike + Boat8Guided€12344.5/5May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep2023134.5 out of 5EasyAmsterdam to Maastricht
Douro River E-Bike & Boat - Beautiful Porto in Portugal. © TO Douro River E-Bike & Boat Explore the beauty of the Douro River Valley by boat & electric bike!PortugalAlvaLuxury, Bike + Boat8Guided€30404.7/5Apr, May, Jul, Aug, Oct2023124.7 out of 5Easy–ModerateDouro River E-Bike & Boat
Along the Danube-Iron Gates - Dürnstein in the Wachau Valley, Krems-Land, Lower Austria. Danube River bike tour. ©TO Along the Danube-Iron Gates Six countries, four capitals, & the Iron Gates National ParkGermany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, SerbiaSwiss CrownDanube Bike Tours, Bike + Boat15Guided, Self Guided€25084/5May, Jul, Aug, Sep2023234 out of 5Easy–ModerateAlong the Danube-Iron Gates
Burgundy & Provence E-Bike & Boat - Avignon, France. CC:OT Avignon Burgundy & Provence E-Bike & Boat Rhône & Saône River ValleysFranceStellaElectric Bike, New Tours - All Types8Guided€2940 Apr, May, Sep, Oct2023Easy–Moderate
Strasbourg to Nancy - Bike rest in Nancy, Meurthe-et-Moselle, France. Flickr:Juergen Adolph Strasbourg to Nancy A bike & boat tour in the Alsace region of FranceFranceClair de LuneBike + Boat8Guided€11803.7/5Jun, Jul202373.7 out of 5Easy–ModerateStrasbourg to Nancy
Koblenz to Merzig - Wine-centered town of Cochem, Germany. CC:Kai Pilger 50.14226958459554, 7.167177191230888 Koblenz to Merzig Bike & Boat along the Mosel & Saar RiversGermanyAllure, FloraTraveler Favorites8Guided€14444.7/5Aug, Sep, Oct2023174.7 out of 5EasyKoblenz to Merzig
Bike & Sail the Frisian Sea - Stavoren is the oldest city in Germany. Flickr:Bruno Rijsman 52.884845333982426, 5.363969023732281 Bike & Sail the Frisian Sea Exploring the Frisian Islands by bikeNetherlandsLeafde fan Fryslân, Mare fan Fryslân, Wapen fan Fryslân8Self Guided€9795/5May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep202395 out of 5EasyBike & Sail the Frisian Sea
Explore Friesland - Biking through Stavoren, Friesland, the Netherlands. Flickr:Bruno Rijsman Explore Friesland Explore the northern province of Holland by bike & boatNetherlandsLena Maria8Self Guided€13544/5Jun, Jul, Aug202314 out of 5Easy
Tulip Tour - Amsterdam to Bruges - 11 day - Yellow tulips in the Netherlands! Photo via Flickr:stokesrx Tulip Tour - Amsterdam to Bruges - 11 day Bike & Boat Holland & Belgium during tulip seasonNetherlands, BelgiumIris, MerlijnPremier Collection, Bike + Boat, Tulip Tours11Guided€24754.9/5Apr, May2023304.9 out of 5EasyTulip Tour - Amsterdam to Bruges - 11 day
Istria E-Bike & Boat - Rovinj, Adriatic Sea, Istria, Croatia. Unsplash:Vlado Sestan Istria E-Bike & Boat The magical landscape of the Istrian peninsula!CroatiaAndela LoraElectric Bike, New Tours - All Types8Guided€1695 Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2023Easy–Moderate
Kvarner Bay E-Bike & Boat - Lošinj in the Kvarner Gulf, Croatia. Flickr:Miroslav Vajdic Kvarner Bay E-Bike & Boat Explore Croatia & the Adriatic Sea on this electric bike tourCroatiaAndela LoraElectric Bike, Traveler Favorites, Bike + Boat8Guided€15954.8/5Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2023344.8 out of 5Easy–ModerateKvarner Bay E-Bike & Boat
Loire Valley Bike & Boat - Old gate in Nevers, region Bourgogne-Franche-Comte, France. Flickr:Daniel Jolivet Loire Valley Bike & Boat Bike the Garden of FranceFranceClair de LuneLoire Valley Bike Tours, Bike + Boat8Guided€1355 Aug, Sep, Oct2023Easy–ModerateLoire Valley Bike & Boat
Montargis to Paris - Relaxing in Paris, France. Flickr:Steven dosRemedios Montargis to Paris Bike & Barge in France in the Seine ValleyFranceFleurBike + Boat8Guided€16944.2/5Jul, Aug, Sep2023114.2 out of 5Easy–ModerateMontargis to Paris
Amsterdam to Koblenz - Hofgarten at University of Bonn, Germany. Flickr:Thomas Amsterdam to Koblenz Bike the Rhine Cycle Route from Holland to the mountain chains of the RhinelandGermany, NetherlandsAllure, ZwaanBike + Boat8–9Guided€1444 Apr, Aug, Oct2023EasyAmsterdam to Koblenz
Mainz to Würzburg - Lohr-am-Main in Germany. Flickr:Ben Mainz to Würzburg A Bavarian Bike & Boat tourGermanyMerlijnDiscounts + Special Offers7Guided€1650 Jul, Oct2023EasyMainz to Würzburg
Southern Dalmatia E-Bike & Boat - Trogir, Adriatic Sea, South Dalmatia, Croatia. Flickr:Nick S. Southern Dalmatia E-Bike & Boat Electric bike tour of Croatia & its southern islands!CroatiaMagellan, YoloElectric Bike, Bike + Boat8Guided€16954.6/5Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2023284.6 out of 5ModerateSouthern Dalmatia E-Bike & Boat
Highlights of Dalmatia E-Bike & Boat - Dubrovnik, Croatia. Spencer Davis, Unsplash Highlights of Dalmatia E-Bike & Boat Electric bike & boat tour through the region of Dalmatia including Dubrovnik & SplitCroatiaHarmoniaElectric Bike, Bike + Boat8Guided€16954.8/5Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2023784.8 out of 5Easy–ModerateHighlights of Dalmatia E-Bike & Boat
Luxury E-Bike & Sail in the Baltic Sea Luxury E-Bike & Sail in the Baltic Sea A luxury electric bike & sail cruise from Germany to Denmark, Poland, the Baltic States & SwedenGermany, Denmark, Latvia, Sweden, LithuaniaSea Cloud SpiritLuxury, New Tours - All Types, Bike + Boat13Guided€9630 Jul2023Easy
Bike & Sail the Highlands of Scotland - Tobermory, the capital of the Isle of Mull in Scotland. Flickr:Frank Pickavant 56.622882, -6.068071 Bike & Sail the Highlands of Scotland A sailing & biking tour around Scotland’s Isle of Mull, the Inner Hebrides, & the HighlandsScotlandFlying Dutchman8Guided€17953/5Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep202313 out of 5Moderate–DifficultBike & Sail the Highlands of Scotland
Northern Burgundy - Biking among the vineyards in Burgundy, France. ©TO Northern Burgundy Bike & Barge tour in France in Northern BurgundyFranceFleur, ZwaantjeBike + Boat8Guided, Self Guided€16894.3/5Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep202364.3 out of 5Easy–ModerateNorthern Burgundy
Golden City of Prague - Golden City of Prague, Czech Republic. Flickr:Miguel Virkunnen Carvalho Golden City of Prague Bike & Boat in the Czech Republic along the Moldova, Elbe, & Vitava RiversCzech RepublicFlorentinaBike + Boat8Self Guided€10034.9/5Jul, Aug202394.9 out of 5EasyGolden City of Prague
Nuremberg to Passau - Passau Nuremberg to Passau Bavarian Danube tour in GermanyGermanyMerlijnPremier Collection, Danube Bike Tours8Guided€17404.9/5Aug, Sep202374.9 out of 5EasyNuremberg to Passau
National Parks of Dalmatia E-Bike & Boat - Overlooking Primošten along the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia. Flickr:Hotel Zora Primosten National Parks of Dalmatia E-Bike & Boat Electric bike tour in Croatia + National Parks - Krka, Kornati, & the nature park of TelašćicaCroatiaMagellan, Melody, YoloElectric Bike, Bike + Boat8Guided€15904.8/5Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2023284.8 out of 5Easy–ModerateNational Parks of Dalmatia E-Bike & Boat
Mainz to Strasbourg - Old Bridge over the Neckar River in Heidelberg, Germany. Flickr:Alex Hanoko Mainz to Strasbourg Bike & boat the Rhine & Neckar RiversGermany, FranceOlympia8Self Guided€11983.6/5Jun, Sep, Oct202353.6 out of 5EasyMainz to Strasbourg
Kvarner Islands & National Parks of Croatia E-Bike & Boat - Šibenik Town on the Kvarner Islands & National Parks of Croatia E-Bike & Boat Tour Kvarner Islands & National Parks of Croatia E-Bike & Boat An Epic 15-Day Mediterranean Electric Biking & Boating VacationCroatiaAndela LoraElectric Bike, Our Favorites, New Tours - All Types, Bike + Boat15Guided€4376 Sep2023Easy–Moderate
Central Greek Aegean Sea - Leros Island, Greece. Flickr:maurizio jaya costantino Central Greek Aegean Sea Bike , Boat & Explore Greece island hopping in the Aegean SeaGreece, TurkeyLove Boat8Guided€19954.3/5Jun, Oct202364.3 out of 5Moderate–DifficultCentral Greek Aegean Sea
West Flanders & Bruges - Ypres in West Flanders, Belgium. Flickr:Paul Arps West Flanders & Bruges Bike & boat through Belgium & WW I historyBelgium, FranceFeniksBike + Boat8Guided€1145 Aug2023EasyWest Flanders & Bruges
Berlin to Stralsund - Brandenburger Gate, Berlin, Germany. ©TO 52.516267, 13.377732 Berlin to Stralsund The Baltic Sea to Berlin & reverseGermany, PolandPrincessBike + Boat8Self Guided€10534/5May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep202314 out of 5EasyBerlin to Stralsund
Saarburg to Mainz - Cochem, Germany. ©Hollandfotograaf Saarburg to Mainz Bike & Boat the Rhine, Moselle, & Saar RiverGermanyMerlijn7Guided€1740 Jul2023EasySaarburg to Mainz
Multi-Adventure Tour in the Ionian Islands - Lefkada Island, one of the 7 Ionian Islands in Greece. CC:Alf van Beem Multi-Adventure Tour in the Ionian Islands A bike & boat tour off the western coast of GreeceGreecePanagiotaMulti-Adventure, Family Friendly8Guided€1855 Jul, Aug2023EasyMulti-Adventure Tour in the Ionian Islands
Peloponnese & Saronic Islands - Port of Saronic Island Spetses in Argolic Gulf, Greece. Flickr:Marco Verch 37.346202, 22.924061 Peloponnese & Saronic Islands A bike & boat journey through 5,000 years of Greek historyGreeceThalassaTraveler Favorites, Bike + Boat8Guided€24954.9/5Apr, Jun, Jul, Aug, Oct202374.9 out of 5ModeratePeloponnese & Saronic Islands
Würzburg to Nuremberg - 'Little Venice' of Bamberg on the Regnitz River in Germany. Flickr:Heinz Bunse Würzburg to Nuremberg Bike & Boat featuring Germany’s most beautiful cycle pathGermanyMerlijnPremier Collection, Traveler Favorites7Guided€16505/5Jul, Aug, Sep202315 out of 5EasyWürzburg to Nuremberg
Berlin to Wolfsburg - Neues Palais in Potsdam, Germany. Flickr:Wolfgang Staudt Berlin to Wolfsburg Another glorious bike & boat tour in GermanyGermanyMerlijnBike + Boat8Guided€17405/5May, Jun, Jul202325 out of 5EasyBerlin to Wolfsburg
Amsterdam to Bruges - 12 days - Windmills to see in the Netherlands! Unsplash:Cynthia De Luna Amsterdam to Bruges - 12 days Easy biking & boating through the Dutch & Belgian countrysideNetherlands, BelgiumIrisBike + Boat12Guided€2780 May, Jun2023EasyAmsterdam to Bruges - 12 days
Pearls of Dalmatia - Pape Privi Ship Dalmatia Croatia Bike Tour. Photo via TO 43.492484, 16.453614 Pearls of Dalmatia Bike & boat in Croatia from Split to Dubrovnik or reverseCroatiaRomanticaBike + Boat8Guided€14054.7/5Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct202364.7 out of 5ModeratePearls of Dalmatia
Southern Dalmatia - Harbor on Hvar Island, Croatia. Flickr:Arnie Papp Southern Dalmatia From Trogir to Split & back - an Island Hopping Bike & Boat tour in CroatiaCroatiaRomantica, San Snova8Guided€14954.9/5Apr, May, Jun, Aug, Sep, Oct2023284.9 out of 5Moderate–DifficultSouthern Dalmatia
Dutch Villages of Friesland - Harbor in Hoorn, North Holland, the Netherlands. Flickr:b k 52.641265, 5.070496 Dutch Villages of Friesland Bike & boat Holland’s historic & picturesque towns of Sloten, Leeuwarden & Hoorn.NetherlandsLiza Marleen, ZwaanBike + Boat8Guided€1290 Jun, Jul, Aug2023EasyDutch Villages of Friesland
Highlights of Tuscany - Porto Santo Stefano in Tuscany, Italy. Flickr:Theo K Highlights of Tuscany Bike & Sail the Tuscan coastItalyAtlantisTuscany Bike Tours, Traveler Favorites, Bike + Boat8Guided€19955/5Aug, Sep, Oct202325 out of 5Moderate–DifficultHighlights of Tuscany
Danube Delta - Danube Delta Bike Tour in Romania. Photo via TO 44.887012, 28.619385 Danube Delta Cycle nature’s paradise in Europe!RomaniaDanube Bike Tours8Guided€14684.3/5Apr, May, Jun, Aug, Sep, Oct202334.3 out of 5Easy–ModerateDanube Delta
Multi-Adventure Tour from Trogir - Promenade on Hvar Island, Croatia. Flickr:Arnie Papp Multi-Adventure Tour from Trogir A family friendly bike & boat & activity tour of Southern DalmatiaCroatiaSan SnovaMulti-Adventure, Family Friendly, Bike + Boat8Guided€15554.7/5Jul, Aug202364.7 out of 5EasyMulti-Adventure Tour from Trogir
Mainz to Cologne - Rüdesheim & Bingen in Germany. ©TO Mainz to Cologne Bike & boat the Rhine River Valley!GermanyOlympiaBike + Boat8Self Guided€11984.1/5May, Jun, Aug, Sep, Oct2023104.1 out of 5EasyMainz to Cologne
Amsterdam to Cochem - Cochem, Germany. ©Hollandfotograaf 50.145636, 7.165996 Amsterdam to Cochem Bike & Boat in Holland & Germany!Netherlands, GermanyIris, Magnifique III, Princesse Royal8–10Guided, Self Guided€1524 May, Aug2023EasyAmsterdam to Cochem
Aschaffenburg to Cochem - Cochem is a center for the wine trade on the Mosel River in Germany. Flickr:Frans Berkelaar Aschaffenburg to Cochem Biking & boating along the Moselle, Rhine & Main RiversGermanyIrisOur Favorites, Bike + Boat8Guided€17805/5Oct202325 out of 5EasyAschaffenburg to Cochem
Koblenz to Saarburg - Along the Mosel River on Koblenz to Saarburg Germany Bike Tour. ©TO Koblenz to Saarburg Bike along the Mosel River to Germany’s ‘Little Venice’!GermanyOlympiaBike + Boat8Self Guided€10984.9/5May, Jun, Aug, Sep, Oct2023344.9 out of 5EasyKoblenz to Saarburg
Authentic Holland - The Hanseatic Town of Doesburg, Gelderland, the Netherlands. ©TO Authentic Holland Cycle Central & Northern Holland along the Hanseatic Rhine, IJssel & IJsselmeerNetherlandsAnna Antal, De Holland, Fiep, Iris, Lena Maria, Magnifique II, Magnifique III, Sarah, ZwaanFamily Friendly, Bike + Boat8Guided, Self Guided€8044.7/5Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2023224.7 out of 5EasyAuthentic Holland
Thailand Adventure - Cycling the Thailand Bike Tour. 14.659083, 100.557014 Thailand Adventure Bike and boat from the River Kwai to Koh Yao IslandThailandRV River KwaiMulti-Adventure, Bike + Boat7Guided$2750 Feb2023Easy–ModerateThailand Adventure
Bike & Sail the IJsselmeer - Biking the Bike & Sail IJsselmeer tour in Holland! ©TO Bike & Sail the IJsselmeer Holland’s largest lake plus National ParksNetherlandsElizabethBike + Boat8Self Guided€11794.7/5Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep202364.7 out of 5EasyBike & Sail the IJsselmeer
Nancy to Cochem - Trier, Germany. Flickr:JOSE ANTONIO SERRA Nancy to Cochem Three countries in one tour! Bike & Boat the Saar & Moselle Rivers!France, Germany, LuxembourgMerlijnNew Tours - All Types, Bike + Boat8Guided€1740 Oct2023Easy
Rotterdam to the Zeeland Province - Veere on the island of Walcheren, the Netherlands. ©Hollandfotograaf Rotterdam to the Zeeland Province A bike & boat tour from Holland’s second largest city into the wonderful water world of the ZeelandNetherlandsNormandie, OlympiaBike + Boat8Self Guided€1044 Jun, Jul, Aug, Oct2023EasyRotterdam to the Zeeland Province
Kvarner Bay - Old Town of Rab, Croatia. Flickr:Tess Kvarner Bay Experience the Islands of Kvarner Bay & the Adriatic CoastCroatiaLindaMountain Bike, Bike + Boat8Guided€10955/5Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct202365 out of 5Moderate–DifficultKvarner Bay
Aschaffenburg to Bamberg - River Main in Miltenberg, Lower Franconia, Bavaria, Germany. Flickr:Kiefer Aschaffenburg to Bamberg Cycling in Bavaria!GermanyAllure, IrisBike + Boat8Guided€13954.9/5May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep2023104.9 out of 5Easy–ModerateAschaffenburg to Bamberg
Cologne to Saarburg - Saarburg Valley in Germany. Flickr:Gilbert Sopakuwa Cologne to Saarburg Rhine, Moselle & Saar - three river tour in Germany!GermanyMerlijn8Guided€17405/5Jul, Aug202325 out of 5EasyCologne to Saarburg

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